Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Inspiring Innovation in Organizations

How to get people to think creatively, while still keeping everyday operations running smoothly? This is one of the biggest challenges almost all organization faces .

There are certain organizations who are able to come up with great ideas over and over again. Some of the ideas are for new products, some for new ways of working, others are for new strategies, still others for entirely new lines of business. How are they doing it ? Is there a secret to these companies’ successes?

Innovation is an important concept to understand as a manager and for an organization as a whole. Used in the correct manner, innovation can give an organization the competitive advantage they need to be a success in their market.

It is not an easy feat to inspire innovation, many things play a vital role to get inspired to innovate. But there are certain norms that can be adopted to inspire innovation;
1. Make innovation a ROUTINE, let it be an annual contest of ideas or regular brainstorming sessions. this is to bring forth ideas and concepts from the staff .
2. MOTIVATE employees to think up new things that will contribute to the organizations . recognition and appreciation go a long way in motivating employees.
3.  Make COMMUNICATION easier for better flow of ideas. You never know who will come up with the next big idea.
4.   Encourage "OUT-OF-THE-BOX" thinking, think of new ways to solve existing problems.
5.  Never be AFRAID of FAILURE. Failure becomes a lesson to organizations to work better and smarter.

6.  Get the FEEDBACK of customers and use that as a inspiration for innovation. Customers often make suggestions that the organization fails to see.
7.  Innovate anything INTERNAL or EXTERNAL-we tend to think of an innovation as a new product but innovation can be done with a new process, method, business model, partnership, route to market or marketing method. Indeed every aspect of an business operation is a candidate for innovation.
8.   Have the PATIENCE and PASSION to pursue innovative ideas and concepts . It might feel easy to stop pursuing them but when it comes to innovation it is either "All the way through" or "Stop and lose what was gained".

In a fast-changing world, an innovative culture helps an organization constantly move forward. Innovation matters to an organization as it is the core element of management strategy and it leads to results every organization must achieve on the way to its ultimate success in the market. The results of innovation can be even more far-reaching than their utility for the customers who buy them. Innovation is the catalyst to growth.

                                                                                                               - Fathima Juwairiya juwariya10@gmail.com

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